Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker house for sale

The infamous house which Tame Impala recorded their InnerSpeaker album in – and vowed they’d buy one day – is currently on the market for just under $6 million.

The Yallingup located Wave House is described as “The Jewel of the South” by the real estate listing, which has an asking price of $5,990,000.

With five bedrooms and three bathrooms across the main house and accompanying guest house it boasts “50 acres of pristine natural coastline” and overlooks Injidup Bay where inhabitants enjoy “commanding uninteruppted 180 degree ocean and coastline panorama.”

A big deal was made about the recording environment for Tame Impala’s InnerSpeaker, which has proved to be one of the most successful West Australian releases in the past two years, catapulting the band to international fame.

Speaking to The Drum Media after the recording process, frontman Kevin Parker said, “It was the most beautiful scenery and most of the walls on one side were glass… But at the same time it was also a distraction. We would wake up each morning and gaze and the landscape for a couple of hours. The other thing is that when you’re making music in a place that’s really beautiful, any sound you make will sound beautiful because of the visual.

“The days were usually unproductive because we would record about 20 seconds of music and declare that it was the best thing ever and put it on repeat, just loop this 20 seconds of music, sit on the balcony and listen to it for most of the day. And then when evening fell we’d go, ‘Oh shit, we haven’t actually recorded anything’ and then frantically record the rest of the song. This 20 seconds of music was just so perfect. It is hard to tell what’s going to sound awesome when we leave this house.”

He also claimed that’d he’d by the house if he had the money.

“I vow that if this band ever makes any proper money I will buy that house. That’s my vow.”