TAME IMPALA: Relationship of Music with Prohibited Drugs Only State of Mind

(Translated by Google)

As reported earlier, psychedelic rock band from Australia, Tame Impala, will entertain their fans with a concert in Jakarta Soundshineheld on Saturday (29/10) evening at the Park Night Workshop. And on Friday (28/10), Rolling Stone had a chance to interview vocalist and guitarist Kevin Parker, guitarist and synth Dominic Simper, bassist Nick Allbrook, and drummer Jay Watson. 

Unfortunately, because the interview process undertaken with other media, we can not interview all personnel. Fortunately, we get frontman Kevin Parker and drummer Jay Watson to be interviewed. He is responsible for the majority of musical compositions. It was he who recorded all the material. In short, Tame Impala are Kevin Parker. In fact, he and other personnel do not object to the statement. 

We talked with him about the second studio album, Tame Impala’s image as a one-man band and the musical relationship with drugs. Here are the results. 

What makes Jakarta so special that you guys decided to come here as your closing concert of the year 2011 and at the time you’re in the process of working on a second studio album? 
Jay: Because we have never been here before. 
Kevin: Well, I will divulge that our second album is almost done. I recorded it at home in two years, so you know. 

Approximately what percentage was completed? Eighty? 
Kevin: I think… yes, eighty percent is correct. We want this album completed next month. 

There is already a title? 
Kevin: We have several candidates, but you know how this industry works. Still tentative, I do not want to mention it. 

There is a target date when you will put it on the market? 
Kevin: Yeah, between March or April next year. 

Famous producer who also worked with The Flaming Lips, Dave Fridmann, was responsible as a mixer for the album InnerSpeaker. Will he also have a role in your second album? 
Kevin: Yeah, he would have an equal role in the second album. I will also give a little direction. 

How is the album that sound so far? You satisfied? 
Kevin: I am quite satisfied. I have been doing it long enough so that I lose perspective and vision, now I face the future with blind eyes. 

What reactions do you expect from fans and critics after their second album to listen to you guys? 
Kevin: I do not know, but I have a strange desire for some people to like it and some hate it. I always wanted to be adored my work, but at the same time I feel something extraordinary when people hate it. There was a distinct impression when others hate you. I think the second album we will create such an effect. 

Because the sounds are very different than InnerSpeaker? 
Kevin: In some way, this album sounds like a different project. With InnerSpeaker I tried to make an album that comfortably audible, easily enjoyed, but still smart. Meanwhile in the second album, I surrendered to temptation and desire to make an album that is really fucked up. But I also have a desire to sound like Britney Spears, I love pop music and bad plastics. On the one hand this album is weird and fucked up, but on the other hand are very pop. 

Tame Impala has a lot of fans in Jakarta, but ironically there is no local distributor for your album. Everything is imported. Any comments about that fact? 
Jay: Oh, really? Maybe you should release it! (Laughs) 
Kevin: Well, there’s always the Internet, right? 
Jay: Mediafire! 
Kevin: We’re not the type of band who think album sales. For a band to make money from the album is an idea that does not make sense. It is an ideal which is quite wild, especially at this time not many bands who wish to album sales. I would only recommend if people can not get the physical form of our album, they can get it on the Internet. 

So you support piracy? 
Kevin: I do not support piracy, but I support people to do anything in order to listen to music. If listening to music is important, to what extent you will look for it. I also use the Internet to get the songs I want. 

You are responsible for the majority of musical compositions Tame Impala, is it safe to say that Tame Impala is basically a one-man band? 
Kevin: Yeah, of course. It’s up to you want to call it anything, because frankly I do not know what it Tame Impala is as a band. My own record material that I have had since ten years ago, but I had a band when performing live. There’s Tame Impala album, there’s Tame Impala live. All depends on how important an album for you, and also how important live performances. If listening to music for you is to go to a concert and see people playing musical instruments, then Tame Impala is a band. But if your music is to listen to an album in the room, it is my Tame Impala. All depends on you. 

Other personnel no problem with this? 
Kevin: Not at all! From the outset it was like that. They joined Tame Impala like that. They also have a music project each. They play with my band, I play with their band. 

Do you not want assistance from others? 
Kevin: I am very pleased to record music with others, but that’s a different story, not Tame Impala. Tame Impala is just a small circle of music that I do. Throughout my musical life, I always feel satisfied in making music alone. For me, making music alone is the most special moments. Indeed, making music with others is fun, but it means you accept ideas from others. If there is only one person, then there is only one idea. It was more satisfying. 

As a band that carries the psychedelic music, Tame Impala great relationship with marijuana? 
Kevin: I do not want to say that it is vital and important, but it is a stupid thing to menampiknya. If I hear a song that I like, I can enjoy it without marijuana. However, with marijuana being different listening experience than usual. Not necessarily better or worse, but just different. Cannabis can indeed increase the value in writing and listening to songs, but ultimately the relationship between the music with drugs onlystate of mind and not a real physical effect. You do not have to take drugs to enjoy music, it’s just an idea.

You plan to smoke marijuana while in Jakarta? 
Kevin: (laughs) I’m not going to answer that question, because a lot of bad things that happen to people here in Australia because of marijuana. Basically, I do not plan to stay here for twenty years into the future. If the situation looks safe… but whatever.

Tame Impala are known to perform cover songs when she appeared on stage. You guys ever rendition of Spacemen 3 and Blueboy, roughly what would you guys cover for Tame Impala enthusiasts in Jakarta? 
Kevin: I think “Angel” from Massive Attack.